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The results were not at all what Reichart had expected. Management must assess what employee reactions will be and craft a change program that will provide support as workers go through the process of accepting change.

It includes implementing the communications management plan as well as responding to unexpected requests for information. Information Distribution — making needed information available Trophy project essay project stakeholders in a timely manner. Trophy project essay and communication problems occurred right through the organisation because of the psychological climate and structure of the organisation.

Instead he allowed the project to lose focus by concentrating on a computer system to track progress and problems. The company is that of a bureaucratic organisation and not a learning organisation.

The implementation of a Communication Plan will assist with the processes required to ensure timely and appropriate generation, collection, dissemination, storage and ultimate disposition of project Trophy project essay.

The Balanced Scorecard is a tool to execute and monitor the organisational strategy by using a combination of financial and non financial measures. Four general perspectives have been proposed by the Balanced Scorecard: Instead it focuses on mistakes and condemns them instead of viewing them as opportunities for growth and learning.

Activity Model Trophy project essay Change Management Organisational Development entails the alignment of human resource development strategies with organisational objectives. There was no trust from top management, line managers or employees towards Reichart, and also amongst staff.

Reichart spent many hours preparing the recovery plan and establishing manpower requirements to bring the program back onto the original schedule.

One Sunday morning, while Reichart was in his office putting together a report for the client, a corporate vice president came into his office. The internal process perspective is concerned with the processes that create and deliver the customer value proposition.

Reichart was now a year and a half into the program with no prototype units completed. Some of the most common financial measures that incorporated in the financial perspective are EVA, revenue growth, costs, profit margins, cash flow, net operating income, etc.

There was no measurement, appraisal and review of strategic benefits delivered by all processes, based on critical success factors and key performance indicators linked to a Balanced Scorecard. Instead he accepted the responsibility without having the necessary authority. The introdution of a Balanced Scorecard will enable the company to identify Key Performance Indicators against which achievements can be measured against.

Administrative Closure — generating, gathering, and dissemination information to formalize phase or project completion. The company allows complacency where no one takes responsibility. He had no control over the functional managers who were creating the problems, but he was the person who was being held responsible.

The team should follow an approach, in an integrated, systemic implementation that pays equal attention to creating new behaviours, relationships and processes.

The trophy project

When Reichart was threatened by the corporate vice president that he would be in serious trouble if he could not get the project back on track, Reichart should have insisted on having the necessary authority to ensure that the project was completed successfully.

When leaders or managers are planning to manage change, there are five key principles that need to be kept in mind: Balanced Scorecard is a performance management tool. There was no contingency plan when vendors that where supplying the components starting running behind schedule.

The estimated cost at completion at this interval showed a cost overrun of at least 20 percent. Top management was not directly involved in the well being of Trophy project essay project — they only discovered six months later that the project was in trouble.

Top management did not take any responsibility for the failure of the project, and line managers did not take responsibility for the resources given to the project. In the meantime, nothing changed. The following provides an overview of the major processes: When senior management finally got involved, they were threatening instead of being constructive and failed to seek a true understanding of the underlying problems that plagued the project.

This involvement created many changes in the program and the product in order to eliminate some of the problems. Top management have failed to act on the early warning signs of organisational decline in terms of:Trophy Project Essay.

The Trophy Project was a lengthy project that seem was obviously very important to the company. Reichart, who was a prior assistant project manager, was given the reigns and selected as the project manager (PM) for the Trophy Project.

Read this essay on Trophy Project. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at". The effectiveness of this structure is negated by poor implementation and lack of support for project managers by the project office and line managers.

Read this essay on The Trophy Project Case Study. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more.

Only at".

The Trophy Project

The ill-fated Trophy Project was in trouble right from the start. Reichart, who had been an assistant project manager, was involved with the project from.

Problems Identified and Underlying Causes There are three major problems identified in the Trophy Project case study: i) Organisational problems ii) Management and Leadership problems iii) Project Management problems i) Organisational Problems Although there are signs that the company has a matrix structure in place, they do not .

Trophy project essay
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