Supply chain management dissertation proposal

This research would not cease with the measure of success or failure of incorporating green supply chain techniques across several organizations belonging to several industries; but will further analyze the specific reasons or implementation techniques that made the implementation successful.

You may collect a list of known supply chain threats in your area of interest, categorize them under one of these risk categories, judge the impact on business, judge the vulnerabilities, and arrive at the risk values using the quantitative formulations of the chosen model.

Please contact us at consulting etcoindia. For example, if there is a temporary unrest in a country, the current consignments can be airlifted and subsequent orders placed to an alternate supplier. An agent sensing any variations in delay or cost may log a threat and its probability against a consignment code.

Planning, Analysis and Organization The adoption and success of green supply chain management practices is a prominent and critical research area that is also popular among the industry patrons and students of this subject.

The students can find various case studies on E-Supply chains, although the empirical theories are still evolving. A short, and to-the-point structured questionnaire may be used such that you can present validity and reliability analysis using SPSS.

In this negotiation one pair plays the role of a supplier, and the other pair the role of the customer.

This requires lots of additional knowledge over and above the traditional ways of working upon past demand data. This is carried out by effective integration of information from all the nodes of the supply chain and disseminating upstream as well as downstream. In general at the end of the game suppliers and customers in all the groups who played the game are very happy.

Of course you would need a concrete example of this supply network. The threats of reliability and validity of the data would be significantly low as data would be captured from reliable sources. A number of information technology platforms are popular in supply chain management.

Supply Chain Management Research Project Overview

Aggregation planning in modern supply chains is carried out using advanced planning tools comprising of 2D layout maps, 3D spatial maps, structural maps, data association with map items, spatial data mining, location-aware data mining, analytical hierachy planning, etc.

The probability and impact levels may be fed to the logistics agents that can calculate the impact like stock-out by a date. Initially a primary research would be conducted to derive the latest first hand information from the industry practitioners. The reasoning for carefully choosing the experienced staff members belonging to the supply chain management practices background as samples is to obtain more practical, accurate and reliable first hand data from these samples.

The students may like to study about the drawbacks of traditional forecasting methods like time series forecasting, moving averages, trend analysis, etc. Speaking specifically to India, topics of my interest are: How much could you save by procuring together, working together in collaboration, supplier and customer, rather than in opposition?

It could be the whole supply chain or supply network of a family of chain management has steadily increased since the s when organizations saw the benefits of collaborative relationships within and beyond their organizations.

A number of definitions have been proposed concerning the concept of the supply chain. Proposed project area Supply chain management. Case study: Dell’s supply chain management strategy.

Reasons for choosing this topic Supply Chain Management (SCM) aims at integrating all corporate activities to improve relationships at all levels (internal operations, supplier networks, and. Supply Chain Management Research Project Overview.

Completing a thesis is a requirement for every graduate student at MIT. The SCM program turns this academic requirement into an opportunity for students to conceive and execute independent research on a topic of their choice.

Supply chain risk management is a novel dissertation/thesis research area based on the known and teething current problems in logistics/supply chain management.

The root of the problems lie somewhere in the uncertainties in upstream. management in humanitarian aid and disaster relief.

After the theoretical research, the proposed study will make an analysis on the application of framework in humanitarian aid and disaster relief supply chain to specific communities. MASTER’S DEGREE THESIS Management of the Supply Chain – Case of Danfoss District Heating Business Area Supply Chain Management as a Set of Activities to Implement a Management Philosophy 13 Supply Chain Management as a Set of Management Processes 14

Supply chain management dissertation proposal
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