Problem statement of lubricant industry essay

Some modifications for vegetable oil and additives which can increase its efficiency.

Vegetable Oil as Lubricant Essay Sample

Hydrolytic stability further tends to correlate with hydrophobicity. The monopoly of the public sector holdings will no longer exist.

Rising importance of lubrication cost over maintenance expenditure in the manufacturing sector of Europe has compelled the application in transmission systems and heat transfer mediums. Various types of lubricants are available in the market differentiated based on parameters such as viscosity index, water separation characteristics, low volatility, anti corrosion, thermal stability, oxidation stability, and low carbon formation among others.

Now with increased petroleum costs, decreased petroleum reserves, and environmental concerns as major factors, vegetable-based oils for lubricants are making a slow but steady comeback. PAO based lubricants are compatible with other synthetic and mineral oils. A study on vegetable oil blends was conducted by Chu and Kung The emergence of Mexico as an automotive hub on account of rising domestic consumption is anticipated to drive the market in the next eight years.

The oils containing the same additives at different concentrations and oils containing a single or mixture of additives were quite different from data obtained use PDSC. As a result, many manufacturers of lubricants, including big corporations, have been aggressively pursuing international and Asia markets.

Multinationals with better technology, brand name and finances have the power to launch themselves on their own in the market. Lubricants market has been witnessing strong growth over the past decade on account of increasing demand from automotive industry and the trend is expected to continue over the forecast period.

ASTM D97 method is time consuming and reproducibility of pour point temperatures is poor between laboratories. The lubricants market in India is very highly fragmented and complex.

The Indian Lubricant Market: Survival of the Slickest Essay

The big corporations and manufacturers have the advantages many small companies lack of, such as, expensive advertisement, sponsorship and expert management team. The predominantly saturated fatty acid content of certain tropical oils like coconut oil compounds the problem further.

Complementing the trend is increasing awareness among entities associated with these businesses regarding the importance of machinery maintenance in bringing down operational downtimes and increasing efficiency.

Problem Statement of Lubricant Industry Essay

Significant initiatives by industry participants in this arena are prominent across European and American regions, where manufacturers have the financial capital and technological know-how. Psychologically, consumers always and only use products that are recommended by peers or they have been using it for a while 2.

Distribution Structure There are two key markets for lubricants in India. After the deregulation of the petrol pumps companies are keenly watching the developments in the lubes market.Vegetable Oil as Lubricant Essay Sample.

The lubricant industry could be poised to take advantage of oilseed biotechnology to produce high performance base oils that are compatible with the current stable of additives used in the lubrication industry. Poor response to pour point can be modified problem too can be addressed by.

Also, there was a problem of incomparability of financial statement. This gave rise to the development of accounting standard to guide the preparation and presentation of the financial statement so as to provide a guide on accounting rules, procedures, and reporting formats to be followed by companies operating in the petroleum industry in Nigeria.

Dec 05,  · Automotive Essay. Toyota's Objectives in Global Automotive Industry. Problem Statement: Camar Automotive Hoist (CAH) produces top quality automotive hoists. The company is currently faced with making a critical decision which may significantly effect its future operations and long term competitiveness.

Real-Time Quality Management in. Lubricant industry is a very competitive industry because many companies around the world have created their own private label and competition between the well-known product in the market such as Shell, Castrol, Royal Purple etc.

Statement of Purpose for Automotive Engineering - Ever since I was a child, I have had a great interest for the automotive industry. From car trivia to novel innovations, my innate passion for the automotive industry has always made me research the minutest detail of every vehicle that interested me.

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Problem statement of lubricant industry essay
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