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Liaquat Nehru Pact signed in regarding the safe guard of the minorities on both sides of the border. He joined the Muslim League in Expansion of Provincial Legislative Councils.

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Fostering sense of loyalty, among the Muslims, towards the government Change in the Goals of the Muslim League Important developments occurred during the first decade of the 20th century like annulment of the Partition of Bengal and Western aggression towards Muslim countries, Balkan wars, Libya-Italy war, Demolition of the mosque in Kawnpuretc.

Beforemany proposals of partition of Bengal had been under consideration but Lord Curzon decided to practicalise this administrative scheme.

ZAB said that Pakistan studies complete notes will get the nuclear powers even if it has to eat grass. So a brief reference to events in historical context may be given: The Congress joined the anti-partition movement. The Muslims were persecuted ruthlessly and left at the mercy of time.

Indra, Mr, Rajiv Gandhi blamed Pakistan for the assassination of her mother. The relations further deteriorated when the Afghan mob burnt the Pakistan embassy in Kabul. However Pakistan secretly occupied certain border areas forces in Kashmir.

The first major step towards better relation ship between the two countries was taken in when Iskandar Mirza went to visit Afghanistan. December 30, Time had come to formally organize the Muslims after the success of the Simla Deputation.

Muslim University at Aligarh. Pakistan was upset when USA openly refused to give any support to Pakistan in the Bangladesh episode. US authorities were again unhappy with Pakistan on the crime of over throwing a democratic government.

The destruction of the Babri Masjid in Ajodhiya, India in December further dented the relations between the two governments. The Pakistan PM Mr. Both the parties set up committees for making a scheme for constitutional changes in consultation with other political parties.

The support of China on the matter was also missing as the pressure from USSR was far bigger than the friendship with Pakistan.

China also provided technical and material support in the completion of the Chasma Nuclear Power Reactor and plutonium reprocessing facility, which was built in the mid s. It was a galaxy of Muslims leaders from all the provinces, from one end of India to the other and it had Muslims of all background.

East Bengal became incidentally a Muslim majority province having out of Self government under the British Crown keeping in view the peculiar conditions in India.

The Afghan government supported the Indians officially during the war. Pakistan and India went to a large scale war in which was a major failure. The delegation emphasized that democratic principle should be introduced keeping in view the peculiar conditions and circumstances of India.

Muslims were very happy on the partition as this had enabled them to promote their life conditions. The Chinese expertise and the collaboration with Pakistan finally resulted in the Karakoram Highway.

The civil war between was a tough period for Afghanistan and Pakistan supported them in all aspects.

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The relations hit low ebb in when Pakistan, ignored all the international pressure in general and US in particular and tested her nuclear devices in reply to the Indian tests in May earlier. The Chinese government was not also much pleased when Pakistan backed out from the Kargil Hill on the US pressures rather than banking on the Chinese support and defeating India.

The fighting lasted about a month till the Pakistani forces were driven out of the areas that had been secretly occupied by them. The Runn of Kutch issue in the borders areas in the south eastern region created a war like situation between the two nations.

The delegation emphasized that the Muslims should not be viewed simply in numerical terms but they should take into account their historical importance and the kind of contribution the Muslims had made to British India and keeping in view that importance they should work towards accommodating their demands.

The Simla Deputation of was the first systematic attempt on the part of the Muslims to present their demands, to the British government and to seek their acceptance.

The relations hit the lowest ebb when Pakistan decided to become the front line state in the war against communism.Pakistan Studies CHAPTERS: Role of Allama Iqbal in The Creation of Pakistan urdu mai pak studies k notes issue krien.

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Reply Delete. Anonymous 22 September at lucknow pact describe in english. Reply Delete. Anonymous 1 November at View my complete profile. Class 10 Pakistan Studies notes according to FBISE syllabus.

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