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It is down five percent of the time even after the fixes, but this is a vast improvement over where it was a few weeks ago Dwyer.

The cost of penalties still may be more than some people can afford to pay, though, which could put them in tax trouble with the IRS. Americans do not want to spend their hard earned dollars on programs from which they will not see direct benefits.

Others found that they were not able to even get started because the site was simply down and would not allow them to begin the process of getting insurance Dwyer. The most obvious answer is an increase in taxes and the cutting of extraneous federal spending. Not having a lot of money should not be a reason that people have to die or a reason they are turned away for care that could provide them with a much better quality of life.

If proper care is not taken, the Obamacare that was initiated to protect individuals from very high costs of health care may as well end up profiting unscrupulous commercial insurance companies that are ever keen on trying to avoid risks to maximize their profits. What our presidential candidates say about universal healthcare One final component we should address in addition to the benefits of a universal healthcare policy is what current candidates are saying about healthcare.

Democratic President Obama clearly supports Obamacare current event essay notion of a universal healthcare Obamacare current event essay, as evinced by his legislative policies that support this change.

These will come in the form of taxes, which is how they had to be worded in the law in order to be ruled legal for the government to require citizens to pay them Barr, Now that we have established one aspect in which universal healthcare is superior, there exists yet another fiscal issue concerning universal healthcare: The paper should argue for this particular thesis statement, and explain to the reader why Obamacare is the right choice even though there are problems with it.

Of course, there is always an element of surprise in any presidential election. It is likely that adjustments to the law will need to be made over time, even though the basic premise of what is being offered to the American people seems to be sound. Since insurance companies have made it a habit of wanting premiums without any risks, the pre-existing condition rule is most likely make them do anything within their means to make profits.

But how would we pay for it? Studying the true effects of Obamacare will be necessary. This paper seeks to show that PPACA Act, that was intended to decrease the number of uninsured Americans and reduce overall health care costs, actually contains misconceptions that are yet to be resolved almost two years after it was signed into law.

Both plans, for instance, make it illegal for insurance companies to discriminate based on any pre-existing conditions Gillepse All citations here will be in MLA style. Medicaid is similar to Medicare in that it is a government-operated system of health care that is designed to help a specific group of people.

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In other words, if profit was taken out of the equation, there would be no conflict between health insurance and the people, and constituents would simply receive the care they needed without going through a bureaucratic mess of red tape and frustration that accompanies private insurance companies.

Another argument many opponents of universal healthcare make is that America is simply a nations of individualism; people are concerned with their own problems and not the problems of others within their community. This therefore implies that those who suffered from lung cancer or cancer of the pharynx as a result of using tobacco products, sought medical intervention, and have since recovered cannot enjoy the full benefits of Obamacare.

Understanding Health Care Reform: There were software bugs by the hundreds, and the hardware used to operate the site was not sufficient for what was attempting to be done with it.

Based on this definition, it is evident that "pre-existing condition" clause serves no purpose than rationing health care. People who were previously not able to afford coverage will be able to get subsidies to make it easier for them to purchase a policy for a price they can handle Barr, Changes and adjustments will likely be ongoing once the insurance actually takes effect.

MLA citation style used to require the website link for web sources, but this is no longer required. There are still many worries about Obamacare, and the penalty is one of the more significant ones. Since the problems started, a great deal of work has been done to the site. This is generally the most significant argument in favor of Obamacare — that more people who need health insurance will be able to get it.

This phenomenon is where universal healthcare can play not only an economic role, but also a role in the social trends of the nation. Blame was placed throughout Washington, but in the end it was not about who was at fault.

Including Reconciliation Act Impact. Those fears have generally been put to rest, although there are some people who still believe those things are accurate. While the majority of the state-run exchange websites worked well, the main site — healthcare.

However, there are many options for people who are low income to get coverage through Medicaid or qualify for subsidies so they can get insurance and not have to pay a penalty Feldman, The website is still clearly not up to the standards it should be, and it is leaving people frustrated and upset.

McCarran-Fergusson Act of bestows upon individual states within the United States the power to regulate pre-existing condition exclusions in individual and small group health insurance plans.While America dissects the president latest tweets, he is dismantling Obamacare by inches.

How has Obamacare fared under Trump?

The study found that if current rates stay about the same, US healthcare spending would increase by. Dec 09,  · Words: Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Array. Current status in implementing the affordable care act with regard to veterans' mental health problems The Affordable Care Act's enactment gave rise to major concerns with regard to greater healthcare expenditure and reduced benefits for the defense population.

The Many Benefits of ObamaCare Essay - President Barack Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law on March 20, Prior to this mandate, individuals with pre-existing conditions were often unable to attain health care coverage. Free Essay: Health insurance, too many American citizens, is not an option.

Essay on Obamacare: The Affordable Care Act ; Essay on Obamacare: The Affordable Care Act. Words 6 Pages.

Essay on Healthcare Reform: In Defense of Obamacare

Show More. Obamacare is crucial in America because it insists on all citizens being health insured. In this sample essay written prior to the presidential election, one of our professional writers touches on the sociopolitical background of Obamacare, outlining the differences between Republican and Democratic ideologies on the matter.5/5(3).

Free obamacare papers, essays, and research was supposed to be a ground breaking event in the fact that The United States government was moving towards a healthcare system where private insurance companies would have government implemented regulations and subsidides to ensure universal coverage and non .

Obamacare current event essay
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