Humber college conspiracy theories and critical thinking

In fact, conspiracy theory does more: Governmental agencies, even those as regulate and controlled as the military and intelligence agencies, are plagued with leaks and rumors. It would be absurd to deny that conspiracies occur. The freedom fighters of conspiracy theory need not see themselves as being at the mercy of irresistible, inexplicable, or random natural or social forces, but as soldiers in a just cause.

Test your favorite conspiracy against the following components typical of conspiracism and conspiracy theories: Critical thinking skills on the part of the Theorists force them into a degenerative research program. The Degenerative Research Program. In fact, you are probably one of THEM.

If a kind of academic snobbishness underlies our previous refusal to get involved here, there may be another reason. Is there any justification for a belief that the Warren Commission properly investigated the assassination of JFK when they concluded Oswald acted alone when he used a heavily oiled cheap rifle with a distorted sight, hidden in a paper sack later discovered on the sixth floor without a trace of oil, to for his miraculous feat of marksmanship with extraordinary accuracy at a moving target in minimal time?

GPS technology is also part of the alien tracking plan. For example the JFK Assassination.

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And while the concentration of political and economic power [in the control of small, interlocking elites], is indeed likely to result in sporadic conspiracies; such a conspiracy is not necessary to the working of the system—it 1 simply occurs as a secondary phenomenon, and 2 occasionally speeds up or intensifies processes that happen for the most part automatically.

Thus, Keeley should have written: This is true of the economy, of the political electorate, and of the social, fact-gathering institutions upon which conspiracy theorists cast doubt.

Furthermore, they will admit that the anomalies and inconsistencies [errant data] in the Institutional view could never be chance occurrences but at the same time they correctly point out the errant data does not constitute proof of anything, especially that the event was a conspiracy.

The latter focuses mostly on explanations based on the information found in official records of publicly known institutions, whereas the former offers explanations based on information derived from coalitions of individuals.

Do you believe the aliens among us are the hidden driving force in human history? THEY the conspirators are a relatively small group, but powerful and corrupt.

Conspiracy theorists place most people in this group. They are evil, or at least selfish, acting in their own interest and against the public interest. Neither the institutional nor the conspiratorial explanation of the event is a warranted belief and should be dismissed on epistemic grounds.

In other words, when you hear hoof beats, think horses, not zebras. Did you find this article helpful? To test a scientific theory, for example, a scientist would examine a body of evidence to formulate a general theory, which she, in turn, would test against more evidence to try to determine whether her theory might be true.

We are soldiers, rebels in the fight for good against evil. And then, inexplicably, that same errant data is ubiquitously exposed in the media for everyone to question. They implant microchips the "Mark of the Beast" in selected abductees, the better to keep track of the pesky humans when the one-world government finally comes down.

Its explanation for events usually runs counter to the official or mainstream account, which is itself seen as an elaborate fabrication. Again, the JFK Assassination illustrates my point.Humber College Logo. Main menu.

GUIDE. Conspiracy Theories and Critical Thinking.

The Critical Thinking Trap: How the “Conspiracy Theory” Label Undermines the Truth

Course Code. CULT Conspiracy theories have been with us for hundreds of years. From the Freemasons, to the JFK assassination, to the moon landing, to the September 11th attacks, people have wondered if they are getting the real story, and.

Critical Thinking. Course Code. GCRT Academic Year. We live in a world awash in data and facts from the internet, television, newspapers and podcasts, to name only a few.

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There is no reason to unilaterally dismiss conspiracy theories.

The Critical Thinking Trap: How the “Conspiracy Theory” Label Undermines the Truth. they are none the less consistent, though not proof, with a conspiracy to make you believe the event was a conspiracy. [8] The Critical Thinking Trap. Conspiracy theories, intuitions and critical thinking: Part 1 March 21, March 21, Theo Dombrowski 1 Comment Did you know that the Charlie Hebdou attack was not, as the media tell us, an attack by terrorists offended by the satiric magazines’ portrayal of Muhammed, the Prophet?

If you look at the traditional critical thinking literature, one of it’s central tenets is the teaching of the recognition of logical fallacies, and the understanding that the deployment of logical fallacies is poor argument.

Over the last few years I’ve used belief in conspiracy theories, as a mechanism to teach rational thinking and.

Humber college conspiracy theories and critical thinking
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