Google business stratesy

It has introduced several innovations through its varied Internet-related and technology-related services and products that changed the way people use the web by promoting the easy dissemination of information and the creation of content.

The Internet giant is without a doubt an American business success story. In the United States, the company already has a leadership position. Google has successfully expanded its Internet empire through several large-scale acquisitions. Through the intensive growth strategy of product development, Google creates more channels for income generation.

Thus, using the market development intensive strategy for growth, Google aims to offer its Fiber product to more states in the future. Managers stay out of the way. The AdSense program remains the best online advertising program because of the expansive list of advertising clients and possibility for higher revenue generation.

This fact has prompted established online publishers and media organisations to rely on AdSense for their online revenues. This acquisition was partly responsible for popularising the smartphone and tablet markets and for helping Google establish its firm grounds on the mobile landscape and mobile markets.

The company continues to expand and grow its global presence through the intensive strategies of market penetration and market development.

These ad spots are displayed in accordance with relevant search queries. But it later diversified to different Internet-related products and services. Another example is the dominance of Google Search. They emerged via a long period of experimentation when a W. A serial innovator such as Google or W.

Google sets itself apart from competitors through the Google business stratesy of its products. International Journal of Business and Management, 10 4 Google offers is products to practically everyone around the world.

Thus, in the market penetration intensive strategy for growth, Google continues to strive for a bigger share of the global online advertising market. The increasing variety of its products, inclusive of Google Search, Google Fiber and Google Glass, is a manifestation of this innovation under the differentiation generic strategy.

Reddit Google is undeniably one of the most influential companies in the world. This generic strategy involves a broad market scope. A corresponding strategic objective is to develop new products or continue improving existing products.

More recently, Google has grown so big that Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin have formalized a process of supporting promising innovations. The first is through Google Search in which the company monetise online search queries by allowing advertisers to buy and place ad spots on search result pages.

The popularity of this search engine is evident from the fact that website developers and owners are developing their sites based on the established policies and standards set forth by Google.

The business strategy of Google

Google then stumbled upon the idea of Adsense, the ability to make adverts relevant to any web page. It began with a search engine, then turned site hits into revenue when it teamed up with AOL and Yahoo, then developed a system of displaying adverts alongside search results.

However, in other countries, such as China, Google directly competes against other large search engines and online advertising firms.

But it is undeniable that central to the Internet giant is the need to maintain leadership by introducing new innovations and adapting technological breakthroughs.

The Google Search algorithm also evolves over time to ensure competitive advantage against Yahoo! In this way, Google will be able to keep its competitive advantage in using the differentiation generic strategy in the face of competition from other technology firms.


The varied Internet-related products and services have enabled Google to corner diverse Internet users and make them dependent to a certain extent. This discovery was made serendipitously while developing Gmail, and trying to deliver context-sensitive adverts alongside the Gmail inbox, and then expanded into Google apps and other projects.

Google also uses the market development intensive strategy for growth.

Business Strategy

There are several ways the Internet giant delivers ads online. Note that more than 90 percent of the total revenue of Google comes from online advertising. These acquisitions have allowed Google to corner the diverse market of technology-dependent consumers. The company has partnered with these publishers through the AdSense for Content program, thus allowing them to display ads from the AdWords and DoubleClick networks.

Through product strategy that revolves around creating and maintaining complementary Internet-related services and products and acquiring relevant technology ventures, Google is able to retain and expand its stronghold by cornering diverse technology-dependent consumers.

Vertical strategy of Google through industry interdependence Another remarkable business strategy of Google is the creation of interdependence across different industries and sectors. Android, after all, has allowed the company to extent Internet-related services and products to mobile users while also exploring other mobile-related technology ventures.

It has also launched the mobile businesses of newer industry players such as Huawei and Xiaomi.Google Fiber brings you broadband Internet that is x as fast as your cable company's. "A self driving car unlocks a vast amount of time that could be spent on the Internet." Google Glass will allow you to jump out of an airplane and still be connected to the Internet.

Google’s New Business Model Posted on Tuesday, January 14, Tuesday, March 20, Author by Ben Thompson Excepting the patent and panic-driven Motorola deal, prior to yesterday’s acquisition of Nest for $ billion, the previous largest deal Google’s history was DoubleClick for $ billion Google’s homepage accessed through a MacBook Pro.

Google uses the differentiation generic strategy (Porter’s model), along with the intensive growth strategies of market penetration, market development and product development. Whether it’s identifying acquisitions and investments, monetizing strategies for products, or developing partners in emerging markets such as Africa and India, Business Strategy Googlers anticipate opportunities and execute programs critical to Google’s short- and long-term growth.

Dec 31,  · Attempts to categorize Google’s enterprise approach as a cloud strategy, a digital strategy, or an apps strategy misses the big picture.

Google’s Generic Strategy & Intensive Growth Strategies

In fact, Google’s strategy is a combination of all of these and more. The best way to categorize the enterprise story at. Google, now Alphabet, restructured its organization to realize an ambidextrous approach to its business, potentially benefitting both its moonshot projects, its nascent businesses and its mature core business.

Google’s move is part of a broader trend towards the “fission” of bloated business structures, as evidenced by the increasing incidence of corporate splits and spins.

Google business stratesy
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