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She also gives her a trunk filled with assorted notes and letters, which will help explain the entire story, including the Binewski Freakshow, Artruism, and her parentage. Another interesting allusion which comes from The Tempest really turns out to be a phrase to think about during the entire novel, because it makes sense of a lot of things in the story.

He uses the fact that he is so confident yet so deformed to teach people that you can make the most of anything, including deformities, and still be successful. He convinces norms to cut off their limbs in order to be more like him.

More Essay Examples on It begins when Olympia is holding Miranda and examining her after the birth, and she notices nothing until she turns her over, where she sees an extra appendage, a tail. Arty continues to influence and manipulate his siblings away from the circus and closer to his cult; he causes them all sorts of suffering.

Olympia realizes that she is not the type of baby that Arty would appreciate, perhaps because she is not freakish enough, and this is where the allusion occurs. The youngest, Fortunato or Chick has telekinetic powers. This allusion is easy to pick out.

The children are described, one by one. He is very manipulative, and uses it to his disadvantage to his advantage in making normal people with problems feel like they have somewhere they belong, creating a Cult of Arturism.

A lot of this novel comes from that play, so to the un-educated reader on this allusion, it is almost impossible to really understand a lot of the hidden keys to this novel. These people are sheltered from society, and Olly just wants Arty to love Miranda as Prospero loved his daughter.

It was a finalist for the National Book Award. Mary tells Miranda she helps young women reach their potential by ridding themselves of their superficial beauty so they succeed though merit alone.

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Full study guide for this title currently under development. Miranda was not born completely normal; she was born with a small tail, and uses this to her advantage at a local fetish strip club. Allusions happen all over this novel, making it almost a walking allusion in literature, and making you want to dig deeper and deeper into its meaning.

A well-received stage adaptation was produced in January of in Atlanta, Georgia. Crystal Lil has become blind, deaf, and mentally unstable, and Miranda, now nineteen years old, has no idea that Oly is her mother or that Oly lives with them. There are twins—Siamese twins attached at the torso— Electra and Iphigenia.

Copyright Super Summary. After the circus is destroyed, Oly runs away to look for a normal life. To be notified when we launch a full study guide, please contact us. The children grow and develop, and begin to depend less and less on their parents, and more on their eldest brother Arty.

Olympia, the main character, is an albino dwarf who does not have any particular abilities, and is therefore mostly used as a lackey for the others. They have a travelling circus which specializes in freaks, made up of the genetically modified Binewski children, created by their parents.

You may not have known it before, but in literature, values and ideas are always used coincidently. Miranda lives off a trust fund from Oly.Suggested essay topics and project ideas for Geek Love.

Part of a detailed Lesson Plan by Below is an essay on "Geek Love Alternate Ending" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Geek love was a very interesting novel. The narrator of the story, Olympia, or Oly as they call her, tells the story of her life as an albino hunchback dwarf living with her family as they travel the world as.

Degradation oddities mainly lowers lofty spiritual ideal that are correspondingly transferred to the material level, sphere of the universe and body of the pr. The novel Geek Love by Katherine Dunn occurs in a paradoxical world of a family of “geeks” that uses their abnormalities for their own gains and benefits as people glorify and honor their kind in a rather peculiar society.

Geek Love took more than 10 years to write, and its creation was passionate and intense.

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Writing a cult classic, like making a viral video, is not something you set out to do. GEEK LOVE is the fictional autobiography of Olympia Binewski, a hunch-backed, bald, albino dwarf.

The story jumps between her youth as an unmarketable member of a freak-show family, and her.

Geek love essay
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