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Lyric poetry as opposed to epic poetry was often the speciality of courts and aristocratic circles, particularly in East Asia where songs were collected by the Chinese aristocracy as poems, the most notable being the Shijing or Book of Songs.

AeschylusSophoclesand Euripides. But as the 19th century went on, European fiction evolved towards realism and naturalismthe meticulous documentation of real life and social trends. It File of literature suggests that neurological development hinders actualizing the nature because a person becomes estranged from his or her true self.

April Learn how and when to remove this template message Different historical periods are reflected in literature. Classical Greek genres included philosophy, poetryhistoriography, comedies and dramas.

Studying and analyzing literature becomes very important in terms of learning about our[ who? Even simple word play functions as a literary device. Filmsvideos and broadcast soap operas have carved out a niche which often parallels the functionality of prose fiction.

Literary techniques encompass a wide range of approaches: Not only is there literature written on each of the aforementioned topics themselves, and how they have evolved throughout history like a book about the history of economics or a book about evolution and science, for example but one can also learn about these things in fictional works.

Drama Drama is literature intended for performance. Over a long period, the poetry of popular pre-literate balladry and song interpenetrated and eventually influenced poetry in the literary medium. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed.

The separation of "mainstream" and "genre" forms including journalism continued to blur during the period up to our own times. The most important of these include the Classics of Confucianismof Daoismof Mohismof Legalismas well as works of military science e.

The founding documents of many countries, including Constitutions and Law Codescan count as literature. With the advent of newer technologies, scripts written for non-stage media have been added to this form.

How to decrypt all character files of Doki Doki Literature Club

Natural science[ edit ] As advances and specialization have made new scientific research inaccessible to most audiences, the "literary" nature of science writing has become less pronounced over the last two centuries.

In ancient Greece, the epics of Homerwho wrote the Iliad and the Odysseyand Hesiodwho wrote Works and Days and Theogonyare some of the earliest, and most influential, of Ancient Greek literature. Some writings of Plato and Aristotlethe law tables of Hammurabi of Babylonor even the early parts of the Bible could be seen as legal literature.

Decrypt monika.chr file of Doki Doki Literature Club

Outside of " history of science " programs, students rarely read such works. Literary devices involves specific elements within the work that make it effective. Poetry A calligram by Guillaume Apollinaire.Literature, most generically, is any body of written works.

More restrictively, literature refers to writing considered to be an art form, or any single writing deemed to have artistic or intellectual value, often due to deploying language in.

The game Doki Doki Literature Club has a folder name characters, it is said once a character died in game, the corresponding file in that folder will be deleted.

I’m trying to decode all 4 files. There are four files in the characters/ folder. Some information is encrypted in them.

9+ Literature Review Outline Templates – PDF, DOC

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The pre-structured introduction of the. This is a file from the Wikimedia mint-body.comation from its description page there is shown below. Commons is a freely licensed media file repository.

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File of literature
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