Father and matilda

The novel written by Roald Dahl does not give any more information about how he died. Upon discovery of the newt, Trunchbull accuses Matilda, whose anger at the injustice leads her to telekinetically tip the glass over, splashing water and the newt on Trunchbull. Eventually, she moved into a small cottage.

In the musical, Magnus is a circus performer who gave Jenny a scarf belonging to his late wife.

Jennifer Honey

No more miss nice girl! In retaliation for her father constantly berating her, she resolves to punish him each time, first by adding hydrogen peroxide to his hair tonic to turn his hair an unhealthy blonde, and then gluing his hat to his head after discovering his cheating car business.

The horrible Trunchbull made a fake version of his will to ensure she would inherit his property Postmortem Edit It is strongly implied that Agatha Trunchbull murdered him, possibly just because she wanted his property. After Matilda pulled a prank on Trunchbull, she confided with Jennifer on her telekinesis, while Miss Honey told Matilda about her relationship between her and Miss Trunchbull.

In the musical, Matilda had additional psychic powers in form of establishing psychic connections with other people such as Miss Honey and psychometry the ability to gain memories by touching objects.

In the movie, he is seen lying over his desk, dead, before his body is then carried away on a covered stretcher to a police car. Matilda quickly develops a particularly strong bond with Miss Honey and watches as Miss Trunchbull terrorizes her students with creative, over-the-top punishments.

Honeywho died a few years after the birth of his daughter Jennifer.

Matilda Wormwood

Later, she is taken by her nasty parents and put in the trunk of the family car rather than being held by her mother or being buckled in. She became especially interested in her newest student Matilda Wormwood because of her smart brain and love of books.

Wormwood about Matilda, who is then sent to her room.

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Powers and Abilities In spite of her age, she is an exceptional telekinetic the said power is not mentioned outright in book and its adaptations.

Rather to her relief, she is no longer capable of telekinesis; this is explained by Miss Honey as the result of using her mind on a more challenging curriculum. To pass the time, Matilda learns the route to the public library to read books.

After Matilda reveals her powers to Miss Honey, Miss Honey confides that she was raised by an abusive aunt after the suspicious death of her father.

At age six-and-a-half, Matilda begins to lose patience with her parents, expressing a desire to go to school, which her parents refuse blatantly and tease her. Matilda has read a variety of books by different authors, especially at the age of four, when she read many in six months.

The stage version has become hugely popular with audiences and praised by critics, and won multiple Olivier Awards in the UK and Tony Awards in the US.

This led to Trunchbull running screaming from the school, never to be seen again.

Magnus Honey

That night, Miss Honey pays the Wormwoods a visit to encourage them to spend more time with Matilda, but they snub her. Finally, when she is six, her parents cannot bear her reading any longer, and they dislike her idea of her going to school, which she wants to do.

Plot summary[ edit ] In a small Buckinghamshire village, Matilda Wormwood is a five-and-half-year-old girl of unusual precocitybut she is often ill-treated or neglected by her parents and older brother Michael.

Along with the other kids, Matilda is forced to spend five hours after school staying and copying from the dictionary, with a threat that anyone who objects will go right into the chokey together.

Alissa and Amanda Graham, and two boys: His murder is implied to be caused by a gun due to a banging sound and red lights when Matilda has a vision of his death. Trilby becomes the new head of the school, he proves himself to be capable and good-natured, with the result that Matilda herself advances to the highest level of schooling.

Death Edit Magnus died a short time after the terrible Trunchbull moved in. When recalling the mistreatment that she receives from her family, her rage over those memories resulting the output of telekinetic force she unleashed greater than she intended.

In the novel, someone else became the principal after Miss Trunchbull, but in the movie, Miss Honey became the principal. Trevor and James Gallagher as a newborn.

The musical has since done a US tour and opened in July in Australia.To do this, Matilda used her powers to make Trunchbull think that Magnus' ghost was haunting her at the school, forcing her to give Miss Honey her house and inheritance from her father.

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This led to Trunchbull running screaming from the school, never to. Matilda always strives to break free of the thrall of her crooked family, especially her father, who acts and talks like a gangster towards her. Matilda strikes up an acquaintence with Miss Honey and quickly learns of Miss Honey's situation.

Magnus Honey Gender Male Age 40s Born Magnus Honey s Other names Dr. Magnus Honey, Mr. Honey Occupation Doctor Dr. Magnus Honey was Jennifer Honey's father and Agatha Trunchbull's brother-in-law and adoptive grandfather of Matilda Wormwood.

Harry Wormwood

He was killed by Agatha Trunchbull but it was ruled Born: Magnus Honey, s. Matilda Wormwood is the titular main protagonist of the book, film and musical of the same first name.

In both versions, she is the younger child of narcisstic parents, Harry and Zinnia Wormwood, who have an older son named Michael, who is also mint-body.com Name: Matilda Wormwood (later Honey). Mr. Harry Wormwood, also known as Mr.

Wormwood, is Matilda's father and the secondary villain in the book and movie, Matilda. He was portrayed by Danny DeVito, who also directed the film and narrated it.

Biography. He is a rich man and a crook who makes dirty dealings like buying stolen car mint-body.com: Matilda. Matilda's trickery not only manipulates her father's treatment of her, but it also further transforms her family dynamic. This is evident in the hair dye scene, when Matilda and her mother connect over her father's apparent foolishness.

Father and matilda
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