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Therefore, it can be said that modern trend of both working spouses has led to the decline of traditional family. Gays and lesbians could not have children. Couples that had not cohabited before marriage maintained stable relationships and had fewer incidences of divorce.

This leads to conflicts, and the traditional concept of a harmonious family is lost. Many sociologists have attributed divorce to a number of factors. When one controls for these factors, however, children from nontraditional families cannot be distinguished from children from traditional families.

We also cannot ignore the fact that children should never be judged or belittled based on their family of origin. There remains, unfortunately, considerable prejudice against the nontraditional family lifestyle.

They feel that women should be the ones to serve them. Boys, Essays on non-traditional families instance, are encouraged to play with dolls and girls to play with fire engines. Even though we interact daily with communities of people at school, churches and work, the nuclear family, with its strict boundaries, all too often limits our care taking to one spouse and our own children.

Traditional Family vs. Nontraditional Family essay

In fact, many lawyers have been benefiting financially from settling divorce cases Tseng Therefore, when these two feelings go away, people become strangers to each other and they end up divorced.

In children from married household the rate was 19 per children, but amongst children from single parent households this rate was The goal is to raise gender-neutral children, who can perform in the world based on who they are rather than enacting gender-typed roles and activities.

The American President, Barrack Obama, showed his stance on homosexuality, which was received with mixed feelings.

Rifts are acknowledged as a natural part of living in community and is understood that disagreement does not constitute a withdrawal of love. One of the leading criticisms of the nontraditional family life style was its impact on the children forced to live in such circumstances.

Cohabitation has also affected traditional family negatively since a lot of people, nowadays, do not take marriage seriously.

The New Childhood of the Non-Traditional Family

In the traditional family, on the other hand, if people fell out of love and emotional attachment, they were stilljoined by family ties. Parents participate in the surrounding community, including friendships and social activities. In non-traditional families, both parents contribute to the well-being of the family as opposed to traditional families Baca In traditional family, homosexuality was a taboo and it was not practiced.

Cons Of Non-Traditional Families

Cons of Non-traditional families With the rise of non-traditional families, especially in the West, the disadvantages of such a setup have been documented. Presently, the studies support the position that children raised in nontraditional families appear to have no inherent developmental disadvantage.

Fathers also reduce stress on mothers and offer more economic stability. Healthy children come from self-actualized parents who live their lives authentically and intentionally whatever their sexuality or relationship preferences.

It was also easier to overcome family problems since they were solved within the family. This pattern changed substantially beginning in the late sixties and continued through the seventies and eighties.The great paper template given below helps to understand the phenomenon of unconventional families.

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Below is an essay on "Non-Traditional Families" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. The American family structure is considered a traditional family support system involving two married individuals, whom provide care and stability for their biological offspring/5(1).

View this thesis on Non-Traditional Families. The rapid increase in the number of nontraditional family is a social phenomenon Such families few in number existed.

Home Essay The New Childhood of the Non-Traditional Family The New Childhood of the Non-Traditional Family March 25, Stanley Siegel Essay 3.

Today’s American Family isn’t what it used to be. The days of “Leave It to Beaver” have been replaced with “Modern Family,” a more accurate representation of home life. The nuclear family. I think that Billie Letts chose to write this book from a nontraditional family standpoint because it would help people "cope- with the fact that a growing number of people come from nontraditional families.


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