Essay questions on the old testament

I feel personally comfortable with the Bible i. The Book of Genesis defines this role for women from the outset. An old earth and a recent special creation of humanity is a pre-suppositional model I choose to embrace until I understand more from my study of the Bible, archaeology and modern science.

This theory would explain the similarities between the Pentateuch and Essay questions on the old testament Former Prophets.

For science the apparent assumptions are: Process is an obvious part of life. God ties the land to his covenant with the Israelites, and wherever the Israelites are located in relation to that land reflects their religious commitment to God. The original source and timing of the creation of radioactive elements are not certain.

Some things by their very nature are not testable. With the continued willful rejection of YHWH by the descendants of Abraham even after the exile a new paradigm developed in Jewish intertestamental apocalyptic literature i.

Similarly, the Book of Proverbs personifies Wisdom as a woman, calling out her advice to wayward young men in the city streets. Assumptions are not unique to the scientific community but obviously also exist in the religious community. The Book of Esther praises a young Jewish woman who, as queen of Persia, boldly breeches rules of propriety and persuades the king to remove his edict sanctioning the destruction of the Jews.

Antiochus IV Epiphanes of the interbiblical Maccabean period cf. One cannot fault subjective assumption, for all human knowledge is at some level pre-suppositional.

It must be admitted by moderns that we simply do not know: Science, Faith and Intelligent Design. The oldest earth rocks have been radiometric dated at 3.

However, even they saw it as a new day cf. Genesis and for that matter, much of the book of Revelationis not intended by its original inspired author to be taken literally.

Present assumptions as to the age of the earth A. They contain the same elements as the planets of this solar system so the inference is that our sun and its associated planets, comets and asteroids were formed at this time. A date for the supernatural creation of the first human pair Homo sapiens is a more difficult issue but it is in the tens of thousands degree range, possibly 40, I must be sure that I do not embrace what is comfortable without evaluation.

Since I am a theologian, not a scientist, it was crucial for me to read and assimilate as much as I could from modern uniformitarian science. God never identifies himself; yet by some strange faith, Jacob asks the person who has just picked a fight with him to offer him a blessing, suggesting that he knows it is God.

I realize this is a bias, but my unifying theory is supernaturalism and special creationism, however, I do not deny or feel threatened by evolution. For them the future will be a restoration of geographical Israel.

The Israelites learn the laws of their religion and prepare to enter the promised land by roaming the desert. Examples in Wisdom Literature: My basic perspective is that there is a personal God Who initiated and directs the process for a purpose! My world-view is biblical Christianity.

Some comments by scientists A. Geographically, the land of Canaan falls in the middle of the ancient Near East. The structure of the Israelite camp in the Book of Leviticus offers an apt analogy for the relationship between geography and religious wellbeing. Alters and Sandra M.

This area of study is biased because of the assumptions that must be made to even pursue thinking rationally about the subject.

Some comments from scientists about scientific assumptions in this area 1. Time is only an issue to those of us created in a chronological sequential time frame.

The Old Testament

Yet this curse represents a punishment—not a blessing. Men are the rulers, the religious leaders, and the warriors in the nation of Israel. Moses meets God in the form of a burning bush only after fleeing his homeland, and both Samson and David live amongst the Philistines before emerging as saviors of Israel.The Old Testament tells the story of the people of Israel and their relationship with God or Yaweh.

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Free Essay: Joseph M. Bolton RELS Online Old Testament Studies Spring Semester Session E May 8, to July 2, The Old Testament TimeLine.

The Old Testament Essays: OverThe Old Testament Essays, The Old Testament Term Papers, The Old Testament Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. The authors of the New Testament included approximately express Old Testament quotations, Paragraph Answer Questions Essay you do not really, entirely know everything or things you think you know, confusing but relevant.

One may say they know one thing but with no certainty. Sep 21,  · Suggested Essay Topics. are some of the signs or symbols of God’s covenant with humankind?

How do they change over the course of. Essay Questions for B Old Testament Theology I. Please answer each of the following questions in the form of a one page essay and submit them to the Quartz Hill School of .

Essay questions on the old testament
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