Conglomerate inc s new pda

Conglomerate Inc. s New PDA: A Segmentation Study. Cluster Analysis

They also are likely to prefer to keep a PC and cell phone separately rather than having an integrated PDA system that could do both. A typical early PDA user was a professional, high-income male.

By running the default Hierarchical Clustering Ward s method for the default nine i. Cluster Members The following table lists the cluster number to which each observation belongs for varying cluster solutions.

According to the information in this case, involving exploratory research, people were surveyed using two questionnaires: These features appealed to the youth market and enabled Handspring to gain considerable market share.

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It also had a character-recognition system that worked for most people. A new technological thrust in involved the adoption of wireless technology for the PDA with manufacturers trying to assess if and how to add wireless capabilities.

These hand-held computers come with a large application suite of pocket Windows applications, e. To see the results using the K-Means option, please turn to Appendix I.

Question 4 How has this analysis helped you to segment the market for ConneCtor? Handwriting recognition was slow and lacked quality, and keyboard facilities were either non-existent, too big to carry or too small to use.

ByPDAs had evolved to offer many applications including wireless Internet capabilities, games and music playback. Sundar Balakrishnan Cluster Analysis This note has been prepared in a manner that it should be possible for you to replicate the results shown below by looking at the screen shots shown in the appropriate places.

Diagnostics for the K-means Cluster Analysis Cluster Sizes The following table lists the size of the population and of each segment, in both absolute and relative terms. However init appeared unlikely that the bulk of the mainstream population would enthusiastically embrace the PDA.

Among the major decisions that you will hav to make are whether or not to standardize the data.

Wireless technology would make synchronization possible without docking, making PDAs true communication tools. We need some means of discrimination of these segments. Make the appropriate selections.

Several electronic manufacturers have developed similar devices; for example, Sony introduced Clie as a direct competitor to Palm and Handspring.PALADA ARKARASUWANKUL D MKTG D76 Marketing Analytics Conglomerate Inc.’s New PDA () QUESTION 1.

Run Segmentation from the Segmentation and Classification tool in ME>XL (without Discrimination) on the data to try to identify the number of.

CASE HANDOUT: Conglomerate Inc. s New PDA: A Segmentation Study By Prof.

P.V. (Sundar) Balakrishnan Cluster Analysis This note has been prepared. ConneCtor PDA (Segmentation) Case Summary. Using our cluster analysis software, students can apply the theory to the case to answer the following question: "How do needs for a PDA from a customer survey match up with Conglomerate’s new potential offering?".

CASE HANDOUT: Conglomerate Inc.’s New PDA: A Segmentation Study By Prof. P.V. (Sundar) Balakrishnan Cluster Analysis This note has been prepared in a manner that it should be possible for you to. Conglomerate Inc – New PDA 1 Introduction Conglomerate Inc., a major U.S.

wireless carrier, has teamed up with a PC manufacturer to form a joint venture, Netlink, to develop, produce and market a hybrid product integrating a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) with a “smart” cellular phone. conglomerate inc.’s new pda () case 3/10 Facts About the PDA Market Inmany companies participated in the PDA market, bringing in a variety of new products designed to .

Conglomerate inc s new pda
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