Compare and contrast essay homeschool vs. public school

Mainstream schooling teaches kids how to stay safe In a mainstream school the child is exposed to all the dangers that home schooling protects from. Because homeschool students learn to take responsibility for their own education at an early age, they are self-motivated, a quality that makes them attractive to many college recruiters.

Home schooling gives the teacher more time to give the student more attention. They want to discuss literature, history, science and current events in light of their religious beliefs.

Homeschooling may be done quicker It is possible for students to gain a degree as early as sixteen if they learn from home.

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Home schooling means learning on a one-to-one basis It means having one person teach one person or a very small group. It seems obvious that home schooling and mainstream schooling are very different. Public schools would be the traditionally accepted option for parents; some do not see any reason to enroll their children in private schools while others see public schools as their only option due to financial issues.

Home school education is very convenient if a student is unable to attend school. Instead of learning a little bit about literature by reading excerpts in a literature textbook, they read whole books and discuss them with family and friends.

The flexible schedule of homeshooling vs. There will also be a freedom from rarer events such as school shootings and stabbings. Many families who choose to homeschool have rejected this formula in favor of mastery and lifelong learning. Each form of education serves different purposes, depending on the situation a student is facing.

It is one thing to read about Renaissance art or look at prints on the Internet. On the other hand, private schools do not belong to the government, so students are required to pay fees to enroll in a private school. Conclusion Homeschooling is a bad idea. This however, is not often preferable as the name of an academic institution is often what marks a degree as relevant or not in the eyes of an employer.

Travel Many homeschool families like to travel together as part of their education. A majority of parents would turn to public school when it comes to education.

There is no universal answer or solution, for each option have their own distinctive pros and cons. Older siblings will frequently share in the joy by working with younger children on something they themselves have already mastered.

These families want to incorporate Bible study and prayer into their day. As families debate the merits of public school vs. Public schools, private schools and home schools contrast in one way or another.

Now, about thirty years later, every state in the country hosts a homeschool curriculum fair each year with a staggering array of curriculum choices.

In order to promote mastery, homeschool parents often follow three courses of action. Still, in a mainstream school there are more professionals available. They argue that this type of socialization is more true-to-life because these students spend more time socializing with people outside of their own peer groups, from infants to the elderly.

Public School vs. Homeschool, What are the Differences?

In other words, a child would encounter ancient history, medieval history, American history, biology, chemistry, and physics, in elementary school, middle school, and high school. Students would have the opportunity to socialize with others of various financial statuses and family background.

Bullying tops the list. No matter where a student is, all he or she needs is a computer and internet and there is nothing else to worry about. Staying at home schooling will ill prepare a person for what the real world is like. In other words, academic work revolved around performing well on tests in order to earn good grades in order to earn college admissions or scholarships.

Recent statistics has shown that one out of every four kids get bullied mentally, physically or verbally in school. The History of Homeschooling When the first families began homeschooling, they had to scrounge for textbooks and other materials.

Mainstream schooling is more monitored and is done by professionals The fact is that people in schools have lots of experience and are fully trained to be teachers. The quality of teaching will vary from teacher to teacher, but the same can be said of home school teachers.

Something such as requesting silence will encourage a child to conform so long as silence exists.Compare & Contrast Essay: Homeschooling & Mainstream School Here I expose why homeschooling is a bad idea by not only creating a compare and contrast setting, but also by arranging my comparisons and such in a way.

Jan 25,  · Would public school and homeschool be a good compare and contrast essay topic? It needs to be an arguementative essay. Update: By argumentative, I mean the thesis statement needs to be Resolved.

Comparison Contrast Essays - Homeschooling VS Public Schooling. Homeschooling vs. Public Schooling Essay - When kids reach the age where learning begins parents now and days have a concern of whether to home school their.

Sep 10,  · Free Essays on Comparing And Contrast Homeschool Versus Public School Search Homeschooling Is a Rising Alternative to “Traditional Public Education Because the Effect It Has on Freedom and Flexibility, Social Interaction, and.

May 19,  · Compare and Contrast Essay. Posted on May 19, by simyangyang. A majority of parents would turn to public school when it comes to education. However, other parents opt for an alternative to public schools, including private schools and home-schooling.

Here’s the big question: Which one would be the best for my child? Homeschool vs. Public School. Homeschooling has been a debated issue for years. It's been disputed as to whether homeschooling is more beneficial to /5(5).

Compare and contrast essay homeschool vs. public school
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