Clarification automobile and thesis statement

If you select a classification topic, then you are going to place different items into logically related categories. Now it is time to play with the specific wording of your thesis to make sure that the subject matter of the paper, your position on it, and the scope of the paper are clear to a reader.

Suppose that you have been talking to some friends about your favorite pro football team, which is threatening to move unless the city builds a new ballpark for the team.

But you need to avoid broad, general terms which could raise endless possibilities Clarification automobile and thesis statement your paper, and not tell your reader anything in particular "The history of the movie industry is long and interesting.

This topic sentence comes from the information given in the thesis statement in the introduction. Finally, the thesis statement is in bold. Another point that you need to make clear is the particular sport in mind, as a paper which proposed to cover this phenomenon in a number of sports would be pretty long!

Writing a Classification Division Essay A. Selecting a Topic When deciding on a topic for this essay, you must first decide whether you want to write a classification or a division essay. The second one is more focused on the specific idea that you are concerned with, and the notion that teams "dump on" their fans is an argument of emotion that supports the protest against moving that you can discuss in the body of the paper.

Notice that in the example introduction given above, the thesis statement lists SUVs as the first category for this essay. This is an easy trap to fall into. It also avoids being overly simplistic: First, decide on your focus and scope.

Therefore, the above body paragraph will be first in the essay. Second, you want to think about the categories: Heart of Darknessuses an elliptical and introverted sentence structure and a confusing use of pronouns to impart the monomania of his main character, Kurtz, and the difficulties that Marlow has in understanding him.

Now you may want to move on to Test Your Thesis. It should be obvious from your explanations how each category differs from the other categories.

Read further if you want to see an example of sharpening up a thesis, continue in this chapter to Test Your Thesisor Return to top of page. When considering different topics, you want to be sure that there are enough logical categories for your topic to meet the essay length requirements.

Are you having trouble deciding what exactly you are arguing?

Should there be an NFL rule against this? In each body paragraph, you need to make clear what the characteristics of each category are. In the US, the automobile has become a fundamental part of our culture. Your initial idea may sound like this: Where the owners live?

If you select a division topic, then you are going to divide a single unit into smaller systems. Do you want to write a paper protesting the ways in which pro teams "dump on" their fans, or one which protests the moving of teams? For example, you can divide a single car into a brake system, transmission, exhaust system, and so forth.

Statement of Clarification

So -- your first revision might read like this: The following is an example of an introduction. See if you are actually talking about two slightly different ideas: Notice that although we have been continually narrow and specifying this thesis, it is a complex idea that will require you to discuss a number of different situations that this issue may raise.

Writing the Introduction As with any academic essay, the introduction needs to explain the topic of the paper and provide a thesis statement. When considering different topics for division, be sure that you are going to stay with a single unit—it can be easy to begin classifying when you should be dividing.

It will state your position or argument in specific, concrete terms. However, individual cars can be grouped into common types; understanding the characteristics of these types helps consumers in making an informed decision before buying a car.

The most general information is in italics; it introduces the basic topic and establishes some context for your reader.

Writing the Classification Division Essay i. They are often as large as more conventional trucks, can seat from six to eight people, and have a covered storage area in the back.

Does it matter what the state of the stadium is in the home city?Check Out Our Clarification Essay. The mission statement of Clarification as a product will be defined in the company's formal mission statement and its defined core values.

The mission statement will guide the decision-making, define organizations path and guide the organization's actions. Mar 21,  · Free Essays on Thesis On Automobiles. Search.

Stp Analysis on Automotive Market. Thesis Statement: AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY IN INDIA The automobile industry in India is the eleventh largest in the world with an annual production of approximately 2 million units. India is expected to overtake China as the world's.

Clarification Division Essay A classification-division essay presents an analysis by separating items: if you are classifying, you are placing different items into a set of categories. Each member of each category must be logically related.

For example, you can classify people by age category: child, teen, and adult. If you are dividing, you are. Clarification Statement We hereby confirm and wish to clarify that Albest Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. is the sole owner and exclusive producer of “Rolled Tone Hole” saxophones under the brand name P.

Mauriat. Sharpening and Clarifying Your Thesis Notice that the term "thesis statement" is not used here; a thesis may require two or three sentences to explain itself, so don't struggle too long with one unwieldy, overburdened sentence.

A clear thesis will do three things: 1. It will indicate the focus and scope of your argument. Clarification: Automobile and Thesis Statement Clarification Division Essay A classification-division essay presents an analysis by separating items: if you are classifying, you are placing different items into a set of categories.

Clarification automobile and thesis statement
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