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Hodson takes issue with is that Citron, and others in the space, are allowed to release reports to clients before the general public, which he says makes for an unfair playing field.

He attended Coral Springs High School where he was a member of the debate team and president of the Jewish youth group.

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Who is Citron Research?

Published October 21, Updated May 15, Citron Research is a research provider that publishes reports on publicly traded companies while simultaneously taking a corresponding short position in the stock. According to Left, he has made profits every year since he started short selling.

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They are about showing you how to make a profit from the markets. The trial marks the first legal action of the Securities and Futures Commission against a short seller with ramifications for free speech, according to the judge.

I think not, other than the rock stars like michael burry and Steve Eisman from the Big Short, i think most seasonal short sellers keep all shorts to themselves. Left and others at trading firm Universal Commodity Corp.California-based short-selling firm Citron Research has released its updated report on Valeant Pharmaceuticals.

"Our work is done here," the six-page report said. "We are looking forward to moving.

Citron Research report sets Fitbit at 136% upside; FIT +5%

Citron Research is out with a report on Fitbit (FIT) that calls it “one of the most underappreciated med-tech stories in the market.” Citron expects Fitbit. Andrew Edward Left (born July 9, ) is an activist short seller, author and editor of the online investment newsletter Citron Research, formerly Under the name Citron Research, Left publishes reports on firms that he claims are overvalued or are engaged in fraud.

Left is known for advising investors on short selling and has. Citron Research has been actively publishing for over 18 years and with over reports, Citron has amassed a track record identifying fraud.

Andrew Left

Short seller Andrew Left, founder of Citron Research, published a report on medical technology company Inogen on Thursday, erasing as much as 9% in minutes. Citron Research: Why You Should Know Who They Are. Citron-Research is a stock commentary website that has been publishing reports for over 14 years.

Today, the website has massed over reports which are centered on fraudulent and terminal business-models.

Citron research report
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