Causes of cars accidents essay

For that, the road be dangerous.

ielts: different causes of car accidents and some solutions

You may not deserve it, but accidents happen at any time. Solutions such as careful licensing of drivers and strict measures to reduce drunk driving will be analysed for viability. Drivers get tired and fall asleep without even noticing it. Even if it seems like no other cars are coming, you can cause a serious accident by running a red light and you will be breaking the law.

Some people are distracted while driving. Animal Crossings Anyone who has ever heard someone tell about hitting a deer knows that this is a big danger. Try to stay calm and keep control of the wheel while pulling over as soon as it is safe.

Most people continue to negligent and ignore the danger involved in their driving and so, these accidents happen. As one can see, traffic accidents are mainly based on man faults; so, I think, people should be educated fully both about driving and about the traffic rules, and they should be warned about the legal punishments of their violationof the rules.

Many accidents occur when they drink it. Violation of the rules can also be with using alcohol before driving. Almost every day, we hear the news of the accident on the television, radio and internet. Tire Blowouts If you get a flat while driving, it can cause you to swerve unexpectedly.

Fines and policing would not solve everything because people would only slow down in front of the cameras, and police officers.

Design Defects Sometimes accidents are caused by flaws in the car itself. If you are in a car crash, it may not be your fault, and you should not be held responsible for the damages caused by the ignorance or mistakes of other drivers. Governments should also implement strict rules such as breath alcohol concentration tests to prevent motor vehicle accidents.

Also, some roads have one direction. People who get drunk should take a taxi or ask one of their friends to drive them home.Why these road accidents, occurring in our daily routines? Is they forgot road safety rules? There are many causes of road accidents but, personally, I think the most important factor which contributes to road accidents is the irresponsibility of the drivers.

Top 15 Causes Of Car Accidents And How You Can Prevent Them

May 29,  · Hi-This essay has good ideas.-Why did you not capitalise alphabets after full stop.-Structure needs refinement-You have written three paragraphs about causes of car accidents and in conclusion you have written solutions.

Critical Essay: Causes of Vehicle Accidents Introduction Vehicle accidents are a very big cause of death in our society, and where the government is. Car Accidents Causes Each and everyday car accidents occur on the Lebanese roads. These accidents can be fatal, or just cause harm for the cars.

The reasons behind these accidents differ from the distraction of drives themselves, malfunction in the car, or recklessness of who is driving. Essay topics: causes of the road accidents and solutions. Submitted by Sabee on Wed, 06/19/ - Road accident is a global tragedy with the ever-rising trend.

Also, it is defined as an accident occurs that causes injury for people and sometimes causes damage to the cars.’ There are many things which cause accidents cars, including road design, equipment Failure, driver behavior, speed of operation, road maintenance and the weather.

1-Equipment Failure like: loss of brakes or explosion in tires.

Causes of cars accidents essay
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