Cause and effects of baby dumping

Some of the parents even find many ways to kill their baby such as throw their baby from higher place. Besides that, parents always assume that their children will know everything naturally when they become adult.

For sure the problem is abortion and baby dumping. In addition, internet and multimedia which contain pornography and sexs video can be access with ease.

After become pregnancy they will be conducive to diminish the baby and claim it as blessedness child. These services must also be publicized; people cannot use services that they do not know about.

They face a higher mortality rate. Poverty is also another factor that causes child dumping. Religious teaches people the correct path way of life. Political conditions, such as difficulty in adoption proceedings, may also contribute to child dumping, as can the lack of institutions, such as orphanages, to take in children whom their parents cannot support.

Cause and Effects of Baby Dumping

Political condition such as difficulty in adoption proceedings,may also contribute to baby dumping. Dysphonic effects include experience in the womb, which raised pain more than experience during the menstrual process.

This leads to many problems, as the child then are mostly grow up with low self confidence, behavioural or manner problems and also poor academic performance.

This kind of assurance encourages members to continue their life in the correct way. To prevent baby dumping, it is therefore ultimately necessary to educate individuals about sexuality. Yet, the mother will have the biggest mental pressure from their family. Children are mostly affected by this kind of situation.

Bleeding sometimes cannot be detected quickly, but take a long time. Communities should examine their capacity to provide the range of supports and services needed by individuals experiencing unwanted pregnancies.

This is what make them to have a sexual relationship with an opposite gender at any random hotel rooms and even at lonely places. They do not have sex education as a compulsory teaching subject in school. Strong financially support is a must for grow up a baby. The parents might be the kind of permissive parenting.

If both their mother and father decided to a divorce and one cannot raise their child alone, tendency is that they will dump their child. The dumped child is called a foundling or throwaway. In addition, abortion can cause psychological effects on the mental and emotions of mother or even affect the menstrual cycle.

It also helps us be more responsible and not to have sex just to satisfy our lust " Posted by Fei. Therefore, children gain less information of sex.

Baby Dumping Causes and Effects

Poor students do not have extra money to support a baby. They are failed to give students a correct thinking of sex.As for the effects for society, It cause the abortion will be mimicked by others.

most cases of baby dumping in the county are using the same way that removes a newborn baby into the trash. This shows there is replication of their cruel way to remove the baby into the the trash.

Baby Dumping is a serious crime that could lead to death of exposed child. There are laws that protect these innocent children. Authorities should take action and the community should spread awareness to prevent the increasing number of Baby Dumping Cases.

Baby-dumping and Infanticide – Monograph No. 1, Legal Assistance Centre, 1 Baby-dumping and Infanticide baby on a bush at Okambode Village in Oniipa area. took the body and are doing some tests to see what the cause of death was, and possibly get some clues that would assist us in identifying the parents,”.

Also, the cause of baby dumping is the perpetrators didn’t get their family support. Once they tell their parents of their unexpected pregnancies, the family gets angry and started to blame the world about and questions how it happens.

Effects of Baby Dumping. 9/4/ 2 Comments As we can see from the newspaper, TV news, and other mass media. The issue of baby dumping does quite often happens in Malaysia. This sort of action precisely would caused effects to the society, whether to the individual herself, or to the others. The Causes of Baby Dumping In this modern era,baby dumping is one of the main social issue that is happening rapidly day by case appears every day in news papers,magazine and on social network as should appreciate and respect the value of a soul before involve in this kind of embarrassing are so many causes for the baby dumping issue arise in our society.

Cause and effects of baby dumping
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