A plethora of emotions

Home, Friends, Parents, or feeling abandonment inside from society itself. If this feeling drowns the individual, it may lead to a state of depression. One secondary emotion "rage" is further differentiated into tertiary emotions like: It has been going on for a long time.

A plethora is an excess or abundance of something. It means an oversupply, glut, or excess; too much, too many; an unwelcome abundance e.

To get to quick point:. To the outside world the situation can still look rosy, but in reality the relationship is dying a slow, quiet death. Sadness Sadness is necessarily related to a feeling of loss and disadvantage.

Zest is another secondary emotion encompassing different tertiary emotions like: Depending on the intensity, the mouth may not open, but only the jaw may drop. What is the meaning of emotional fitness? There are technical contexts where I would much more strongly suggest that expressions specific to the group or to the individuals be distinguished: Lust is related to different tertiary emotions like: Actually, that is too simplistic.

Neither clash horribly for most readers, though some do hold strong opinions. These basic emotions along with the subsequent secondary and tertiary emotions are mentioned below. There is an existence of both, positive thinking and positive activities.

A Plethora of Emotions

One secondary emotion in this category is "nervousness". From multiple dining venues, water acrobats performing a high-diving aerial show and casino action to a unique lounge that ascends and descends over three decks, Oasis of the Seas offers a plethora of entertainment all on its own.

Plethora Sentence Examples Contemporary dance is not blessed with a plethora of media coverage on any platform.

Cricket, cricketers and a plethora of emotions

What shot you choose to play, how you choose to react to a situation, determines how successful you will be. Love Love arises from a feeling of profound oneness. However, to merely classify Sehwag as a straight shooter is to do him a disservice.

There are common emotes such as: This comprises a myriad of tertiary emotions like: Thus if you are emotional you are reacting to your feelings eg crying. A Emote is something used to describe how you feel over the internet.Jun 11,  · Plethora of Emotions Never have I seen such eyes as Dhaneen that registers so well in my camera.

Plethora Sentence Examples

Round and wide with naturally elongated lashes, makes a perfect subject for an expressive photograph. There was a plethora. The plethora of piñatas was/were gaily coloured.

But a group almost always at least suggests its members, and this question deals with one example of that, but there are others. Alright, perhaps ‘tear’ is too dramatic, but I have always been a proponent of the importance of having a creative license.

After all, writing is all about invoking emotion.

An Extensive List of Human Emotions and Their Meanings

We just feel and go through it; may it be sadness, anger or happiness. As human beings, we experience a plethora of feelings and emotions in our lifetime that range over several forms and types.

This article is an attempt to list down an extensive list of those emotions. A Plethora of Emotions A first date is one of the most memorable and life changing event that many girls go through.

The ideal first date usually consists of flowers, candy, dinner, and a wonderful handsome prince/5(1). Some coffee shops have a plethora of drinks to choose from, while others stick to the basics.

The plethora of tasty aromas made Kate hungrier as she waited for her own food. There is a plethora of students that are willing to be first in line.

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A plethora of emotions
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